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Nominated for three Maggie awards. Find out why.

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That was one weird awards ceremony. The judges that year picked almost all gay/lesbian/transgender articles as the winners, which we have no issues with. What got us a little steamed was that the judges and editors/writers were all good friends, which they made no attempt to hide all evening! The game was obviously rigged that year from the word go. We consider ourselves winners at least in tech journalism though. Maybe one day we’ll 3D print three of these girls. Kidding..

Nominated: Best Feature – Making of Toy Story 2

As an artist and animator myself, what an honor it was to go to the Valhalla of animation studios, Pixar, and interview some of the top technical and creative people who brought Toy Story 2 to life. I visited Pixar twice for this article and many times afterwards, and the energy there is jus incredible. The interviews were all very casual, I could ask anything I wanted. I was shown many of the pre-production art and storyboards, how the proprietary Pixar animation software worked, learned how TD’s made beautiful shaders in Renderman, and so much more. It was truly an honer to be with these people, find out what motivates them and how they do what they do, and be welcomed to take that knowledge back and share it with hundreds of thousands of animators and artists around the world. To be nominated for Best Feature was nice sure, but really at that point a trophy would just be symbolic. The reward was in doing the piece to begin with.

Go HERE for a full PDF of the Making of Toy Story 2 feature article from 3D Magazine.

Nominated: Best Continuing Feature – Cast of 1000’s: SW Ep. I

Right off the bat I will admit to being shown scenes before the movie cam e out, which was super cool for a Star Wars fanatic since age seven when New Hope came out. They even showed me some scenes with Jar Jar in it, but wisely kept that to a minimum and didn’t have any volume on the cuts I was shown! They knew I would hat that. Jar Jar aside though, it was an awesome couple of visits to Kerner Optical, which is the name people in the know knew was actually Industrial Light & Magic. This was of course before their takeover of the Presidio in San Francisco. When I entered the lobby and a full size StormTrooper model greeted me as the silent guardian of this VFX fortress, I knew I was in the right place. Once again, meeting this amazing group of people and seeing their creative endeavors to continue the Star Wars legacy 20 years after Jedi, I was blown away. It didm’t matter if the atmosphere was slightly more surgical in ways than Pixar, this was freakin’ ILM! Another Mecca, and a creative and technical brain trust that blew my mind once again. I continued this series with the Making of Boss Nass in the next issue of 3D, and was nominated for another Maggie for this continuing feature series. My real reward? Seeing almost 20 minutes of the film in pieces before hundreds of millions of other fans would. Who needs a plexiglass tube with their name on it after that?

The articles below are site rips from our website. I apologize for the formatting but needed to move on and these are the best I currently have.

Go HERE for full article: Star Wars Episode I – A Cast of Thousands – 3D Magazine.

Go HERE for full article on Star Wars Episode I – Making of Boss Nass – 3D Magazine.

Cast of Thousands - 3D Mag

Nominated: Best Continuing Op-Ed: The End (Back Page of 3D Mag)

With very rare exception for over five years, the back page of each issue dubbed The End, was my personal soapbox. I could pretty much talk about anything I wanted to and I did, as long as I made it relate the CG and 3D community which was never a problem or me. I had a fantastic time writing these opinion editorials, and I thought they were pretty good as did many many other who would write and email me or I would see at shows like SIGGRAPH, NAB, or our own 3D Design Conference. I remember that at least one of the ones we submitted to the Maggie’s was my little science fiction short story called 3D3K, and it was really popular with readers as well. While I took my job and responsibilities seriously, I really like to use this space to give people a better look at me as a person. I believe I succeeded from the feedback we received.

Go HERE for a PDF of some of the articles (The End) from the back pages of 3D Magazine.

Those Who Can Do & Teach, Do & Teach.

As not only a writer, and a technical computer graphics/3D expert, I am also an artist. I used every chance or opportunity I had to express my more creative side, and in many circumstances I even created the covers for the magazine! I was thrilled to do it and the extra cash was just a bonus, I felt like I had to do this. This was our baby, the group’s of course, but my name and credibility was always more on the line in many ways than most others. I was a face, a voice, and I needed to show I could hang with the people and tech I was covering. I wasn’t just a journalist, I was an artist too. I actually created the first three covers entirely from scratch, and the others I Art Directed as I did many other times through the years.

3D Conference & Expo Catalog Front
Who: CMP 3D Group (Formerly Miller Freeman)
What: Six years at the top of the 3D high-tech publishing and conference industry at CMP’s 3D Group. Technical Editor, conference chair, education initiatives manager, numerous other duties from cover designs, to show signage and graphics, industry analysis and research, much more.
How: Experience in almost all 3D and DCC apps, from Adobe to Autodesk, NewTek to Maxon, and many more.

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