Spark Your Imagination & Stay Fresh

When dry spells come, enter a contest.

If you know me, you’d know I have lived in West Virginia (basically against my will) for the last decade. Additionally, if you knew my, you might very well ask what it is I have done to stay sane in exile from San Francisco. The answer would be that I’m not sure if I still am sane, but my recent reappearance at SIGGRAPH this past July (2013) made me feel more confident in my overall mental well-being. I am moving back to Cali very soon, but in the past I have done things like this video/animation for a MOFILM contest to help stay sharp. During less busy times I encourage all you artistic types (or otherwise) to never slow down. Once you lose momentum it’s hard to get it back.

How it Was Done

The only thing that MOFILM and Chevy provided was the intro music and the still images of the Chevy Spark car, which was a variation of the failed Chevy Volt marketed in Europe. It’s never easy to tell what a company wants when they just say “Go for it!” so I did something a little more cerebral than they actually were seeking. Some kids in a band pretending to play the supplied song for the commercial won, and more power to them. It probably took them a whole day to do, and this took me a couple of weeks by myself. I did all the graphics (car excepted) and the narration myself, and I could have easily spent another week polishing it but I ran out of time and had to submit it. I encourage all younger artists to enter contests like this; if nothing else for the experience of doing a project start to delivery. I used Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut 7, Motion, and Compressor and everything was 100% me just like everything else here at Adapptiv.