Go Left, Left, Left for Earnhardt

Bobby Dale Earnhardt that is, grandson.

Ah working on spec. Or as lawyers call it pro-bono. Slightly different, but the idea is the same, work hard and show what you’ve got in order to get paid down the road. It goes against what 95% of all people believe when they work; that if they work for an hour they get a certain amount of money in return.


Kickstart Earnhardt

One of the things we did was this video for a Kickstarter project we envisioned doing for Mr. Earnhardt. His family told him he had to get to NASCAR on his own, no help financially from them would be forthcoming. So, in addition to promotions and sponsorship efforts we planned, we also thought a Kickstarter campaign with some cool promotional items for donations would be a great idea. This video was to be a part of the Kickstarter video we’d do for the page to encourage people to be a part of getting Bobby Dale to his rightful place in NASCAR.

You’ll Never Know if You Don’t Try

In the world of advertising agencies, working on spec has been practiced for decades at the middle and upper levels. If you’re going after Kraft as a client, you’d better be prepared to show hundreds of man-hours worth of work and present it to them in a sort of dog and pony show/presentation. You’ll be up against two, three or four (maybe even more) other agencies competing for the contract, and they’ve all done the same thing. It’s basically a contest, and the judge, in this case Kraft, picks the winner. The losers go home and lick their wounds, or in the case of smaller agencies, maybe even shut their doors. It’s an expensive game to play. Our premiere piece below was for the concept we had of doing a Kickstarter project for Bobby Dale to help him with expenses for the ARCA Truck Series he’s currently racing in, and to providee him with more independence from the car owner/driver relationship most drivers in NASCAR are under. Though drivers are generally well paid, the team owners make far more than the drivers, and our proposal was aimed at taking a very small ownership interest (3-5%) for all the design, web, PR, branding and marketing, so Bobby Dale Earnhardt could really own his own destiny.