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    On Spec: XoticPC Animation and Creative

    Animation for YouTube Videos This opening animation was created by vector tracing the XoticPC logo into Illustrator, then taking it into Cinema4D, where it was textured, lit, animated and rendered in High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Raytrace rendering. The audio was all custom created, and the voice of the little girl is actually a heavily effected recording of my […]

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    Brandon’s BBQ & Grille

    One of the great joys in working to help businesses grow and succeed is when we can bring the full weight of our design and technical expertise to a client. With Branonds BBQ & Grille we were able to do just that, from a total corporate identity overhaul to a new site, and more. Adapptiv’s […]

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    3D Magazine & Conference

    The 3D Group at CMP Media (formerly Miller Freeman) was a dynamic and amazing place to work in a time from 1995 to 2001 that was a watershed era for 3D.

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    Omnitech Medical Software Group

    Omnitech has been a leader in their field for more than 30 years. As a small company, it was important for Omnitech to be able to look and feel just as big as some of their less capable, but nonetheless bigger, competitors. We coined the term Medigence to describe this major differentiator. That branding, combined with some racing themed graphics and packaging, put Omnitech way ahead of the competition.

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    Go Left, Left, Left for Earnhardt

    Sometimes you win, Other times you just get some great portfolio pieces. That’s the nature of working on spec and though it’s not our standard practice, if we think the potential is there, we will try to get a client’s business by showing them some ideas. In this case we went all in.

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    Tech Learning With Surfer Style

    WeSurf4U’s concept was unique, even in today’s overcrowded web based training arena. The idea was based around using the newly launched iPhone as a “gateway drug” if you will, towards teaching people about technology, computers, and software in a way that was presented as cool, hip, fun, and easy to grasp.

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    Spark Your Imagination & Stay Fresh

    The only thing that MOFILM and Chevy provided was the intro music and the still images of the Chevy Spark car, which was a variation of the failed Chevy Volt marketed in Europe.

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    Creating a Vacation Brand – Pesca Nicaragua

    Though we’re primarily positioned as a technology oriented creative & content agency, when we see someone we know personally that needs our help and we believe in what they’re doing business-wise, we can’t resist helping them succeed and look great in the process.

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    Tops in the Biz

    As an artist and animator myself, what an honor it was to go to the Valhalla of animation studios, Pixar, and interview some of the top technical and creative people who brought Toy Story 2 to life.

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    We Love Us Some Technology

    Just one of the things that makes Adapptiv different is that we’ve worked professionally on both sides of the publishing fence, in editorial and advertising. We’re award winning tech journalists, and for decades (and before the term blog was even coined) we have been providing news, reviews, tips and tricks, tutorials and feature stories on […]