The Adapptiv Process

Not Rocket Science but for most it might as well be.

At Adapptiv, we’re much more than a traditional advertising agency. We’re not your typical content developer either. Using decades of experience in the technology sector in development, marketing, research. design, and journalism is what separates us from the also-rans. We’re also selective about whom we choose to work with, for our good as well as our clients. You can’t be a good fit for everyone, and any agency or business who would tell you otherwise cares more about a payday than success. At Adapptiv, that means really getting to know you and your business before we even offer you a proposal. Take a peek into our process below.

The Adapptiv Process

(In a nutshell)

1. Discovery

In any project, some of our work is billable hours, some isn’t. We tend to go a little deeper than most, and often this is work we aren’t comfortable billing for. We start by talking with the potential client and top people, but we’ll go all the way down to the janitor if necessary. This helps us in many ways. If it’s relevant, we want to know where each employee fits in, how they feel about what they do, and how they do it. We also look at financial reports, expenditures, revenues, the competition, investigate current and possible future markets, and more. In other words, we go deep. If we don’t have a solid understanding of your company and its’ needs, how on Earth could we be expected to help define new strategies, content, and plans for the future? Short answer; we couldn’t, and neither could anyone else.

That’s one of the main reasons we tend to focus on the design and technology based industries. We have no issues necessarily with providing great creative services to a local bakery or a bookstore for example, but what any business or business owner must have is something that is or can make them unique. A superior product or service that can be enhanced or even created. Quite often the desire of the business owner to think creatively and be committed to a focus on quality, superior products/services, etc. motivates us to accept the challenge. Once we have done our due diligence, we will know if it’s smart for us to bring a proposal to the table. We have to feel we can believe in it as much as we’d want the principals of the company to.

We do not make a habit to seek out businesses that are out of our core competencies, but as our name implies, change and challenge excites and motivates us. It is a burning desire to learn anything, our ability to shred the box before we start thinking anywhere outside of it, and the chance to invent creative solutions that just crush the competition that motivates us. Money is great, but if you’re doing it just for that, you’ll never be truly satisfied. Bank on it.[/box_content]

2. Define Objectives

One of the most complex tasks at this stage is to determine and define time-based goals. This could be a 30, 60 and 90 day plan, or short, medium and long term with more flexible deadlines. It could take the form of immediate action items and multi-stage rollouts, or it could be wholly budget oriented with performance goals dictating expenditures. In some cases it could mean a sort of business triage, where the future of the business is under imminent threat required swift action. Whatever best fits your business and its’ unique needs, we strive to always provide creative thinking with results driven solutions.

Budgets are almost never without limit. Time is always at a premium, often it’s mission critical. While Adapptiv works to reinvent, reimagine, and retool how your business functions, interacts with customers, and expands into new markets, we must always acknowledge the need to roll out plans in stages. There must be well-defined performance metrics at each phase that must be met before proceeding. Often, agencies will encourage clients “stay the course,” throwing good money after bad, or increase budgets with the promise that it will just take a little more to achieve what they promised for less. While unforeseen issues can always arise, we strive to be as transparent as possible at every stage.

We hate hidden fees, shady billing practices, and immoral business methods that are the equivalent of death by a thousand cuts. Often, making a business successful is not cheap, but there’s no reason to be deceptive about it. If an agency does this by saying it will cost far less than it will with the idea that they’ll just nickel and dime you to death over the course of your relationship, they’re explicitly saying two things. One, their fees and profits are more important than your success, and two, that if you go out of business paying them then that’s on you for not having enough money to do what’s necessary. Call that what you will, we call it evil.

Unlike Google, our motto isn’t “First, Don’t be Evil.” Because, really? You have to make that your motto? Wow. Kind of like people who say they have nothing to hide are usually the ones with the most to hide.

3. Design

Logo design that’s little more than glorified clip-art slapped together and pawned off as branding. Broadcast commercials, especially local ones that are unnecessarily horrid with worse than poor production values for outrageous fees. “Final” art and creative that inexplicably needs to be recreated every time a new need like a vehicle wrap, a print piece or a video opener is requested. These are all things that Adapptiv abhors. We deliver world-class, award winning creative that is first incredibly original. Second, all our work is highly adaptable to almost any given need right out of the gate. If your design team doesn’t know a vector from a pixel,  or tells you that the embroidered shirts you want will take 20 hours work for your corporate identity to be able to be used for that purpose, you’re not alone. It’s par for the course these days, but over thirty years of design and digital content creation experience gives us the edge.

Adapptiv provides creative deliverables that are as versatile as they are inspirational. We pride ourselves not only on bringing the best creative design and marketing campaigns to life, we use the technology we love to do it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We can’t anticipate everything, but our process ensures you aren’t paying for the same creative twice, and that when it comes time to expand your campaigns, add new forms of promotion, expand into trade shows, vehicle signage, or whatever else you can think of, our content is ready to adapt to the need without expensive and time-consuming total reworks.

4. Maturing the Brand

As your advertising, web sites, and any other creative campaigns start to gel, certain things will present themselves as being more desirable than others. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times things like market research, test marketing, and other low-impact methods allow what we bring to life for you to take on their own personality. While there are always solid plans in place with set fees, expenses, due dates, and so on, being prepared for something to work amazingly well when it was expected to only be great can happen. Conversely, the best laid plans can sometimes look better in the concept stage than when actually implemented, and it is in this stage where we really earn our name yet again. At Adapptiv, we build adaptation and flexibility into our project structures, while not adding to your overall costs. Part of our business is taking calculated risks, and we figure in some extra sweat equity into our deliverables for this. This isn’t to say if we both determine that some local television advertising is needed where we hadn’t budgeted for it before, that we eat the production costs, but because of how we deal with all of your creative, we’re able to adapt once again with speed and cost efficiencies that other companies either can’t do. Or if they can, they often hold back on you so they can bill for extra hours.

New markets are also a place where we focus energy. There are often growth opportunities that you may not have thought of for your business to be profitable in, and having Adapptiv on your team is especially advantageous in these areas. We will impress you with our ability to see your business as you do, but we will also be able to see opportunities and efficiencies that you cannot, simply by your proximity to the center of the action. We won’t ask you to take a gamble without offering to do the same either; we are always open to negotiating contracts or amending current deals to work on some aspects of riskier projects pro-bono in return for percentages based on success. It’s a way to show you how committed we are to any given idea, and if you’re taking risk on something that’s not in your current comfort zone, why shouldn’t we be there to share in both the risk and the reward?

5. Deliver & Assess

Some companies have become experts in the “pump and dump” method of delivering the bare minimum of what they promise, then cutting and running to chase the next payday. At Adapptiv, we not only work with you to make our agreements and paydays performance based, but we also desire to have and cultivate long-term relationships with our clients. To enjoy an ongoing partnership where we help you to exceed your goals, and position your business for future success as well. We will deliver what we promise and more, and throughout the process we track progress, costs, effectiveness of various deliverables separately and as a whole, and more.

We provide site metrics that help you to advertise online more effectively. Broadcast motion graphics and video production that cross-pollinates to the Web and social media to go viral and extend your brand. Messaging that’s consistent, unique and on-target. Adapptiv will deliver world-class content, campaigns, and design that engages customers, brings new business and conveys your unique brand as professionally as possible.

Change can be scary. We’ll show you not only how to embrace it, but how to use it to get ahead of everyone else. We focus a tremendous amount of energy on keeping up with technology, trends, efficiencies, and methods, all of which can benefit your bottom line. Adapptiv gives you results, data, intelligent projections and advice that can only come from decades of experience. Choose Adapptiv today and the one thing you’ll come to expect consistently is successful results. We’d have it no other way.