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It's really about one man, a brand, and passion.

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Chris Tome – Chief Creative Architect (CCA)

chris-Painted-smThe term CEO these days can often have more negative connotations to many than positive ones. Besides, it doesn’t fit Chris anyway. Raised by intelligent parents and a coder for a father, Chris started using computers at age seven and never looked back. With an innate, almost prophetic sense of things to come technologically speaking, he has always had an insight and way of integrating the creative and the technology fields in unique and progressive ways. Over the years Mr. Tome has worn many hats in many areas of creative pursuits, technology, high-tech journalism, conference management and more, but the constant throughout were always his love of art and technology, and the blending of the two.
He is the principal and currently sole employee of Adapptiv LLC, and everything you see here was created by him from the ground up. The site itself and the Responsive theme was created from basic frameworks and modified heavily, and all of the content, from editorial to art (both still and motion-based) was generated entirely by Chris using a variety of tools, from  the Adobe Creative Suite, to Newtek’s LightWave, Maxon Cinema 4D, and much more.

Whether it’s creating user interface and user experience media, working in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects for broadcast or web, planning and implementing conferences and events, or designing site architectures, Chris always gives 110% effort, because, as he sees it, there’s no point in doing anything less. Whatever the job though, one thing must exist, and that is a belief that what he is doing is to improve and enhance something worth working hard on. In other words, he has to believe in what he’s doing, and that makes all the difference in the world. It’s also a point of personal integrity, and there are certain things that morally or even spiritually he would never be able to agree to take part in.
Over the course of many years, Mr. Tome has worked with a wide variety of people, teams and companies, and most if not all have found him to be personable, affable, honest, humorous, insightful and someone they could count on to get the job done. Communication is also something Chris takes seriously in every part of his life, and is constantly working to improve these skills in himself and anyone else he works with. Too often, the lack of or poor communication tends to make things much more difficult, and in some cases can be disastrous. He often has been heard saying that wars were started because of poor communication, and it’s something that he strives to always work particularly hard at.

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The Meaning Behind “Adapptiv”

login_logoSimply put, Adapptiv is a blend of three words that are core competencies and focus for the company. They are Advertising, Application(s) and Interactivity. Ad – app – tiv. There are of course, specific meanings to the individual words, but together they also bring the concepts of adaptability, content, and media to mind. To get Adapptiv is to be Adaptive, and we believe strongly that no matter what, content is the application. Advertising’s power diminishes the less there is trust and meaningful content to wrap it in. Interactivity can be as simple as the press of a button on the web or in an app, but if it doesn’t return a quantifiable result or support that outcome, then interactivity-wise and everywhere else, it fails.
There is also something that this created word in intended to imply as well, which is that the world and everything in it is changing and accelerating rapidly, and being not only aware of that, but adapting to it and even embracing these waves, is critical to sustained, long-term success for any business, or any person for that matter.
Change is good. Not all the time for every thing, but change implies movement. It defines progress. Without change, we would still be lighting fires with two sticks and living in mud huts. Change is also something that we can all fear, because it also by its’ nature implies that something unknown is right around the corner. By using a combination of intelligent analysis of what has come before, and where we current;y are, Adapptiv strives to always work towards planning for the future. To foresee what we can, and develop plans and processes for what we can’t, based of course in thought out analysis, intelligent planning, and often some “gut feelings” thrown in which has proved insightful and forward thinking overall.
At Adapptiv, we have strengths, and we focus on where those areas can help in our work. We always look to expand our knowledge and talents, but when you have passion and commitment for certain areas of business, creative, technologically or otherwise, it would be foolish not to put the primary focus where those talents could best be exploited.
To that end, Adapptiv tends to lean towards providing content, consulting, research, editorial, advice and more to technology oriented companies, consumer electronics companies, the various computer graphics industries, and any businesses that generally embrace technology as a core part of the business in one way or another, Creative enterprises, which today are almost always immersed in technology to one degree or another are also a major area of focus. Using technology to educate and make the world a better, more informed place is also a passion and area where we desire to work even more with than we already have, and anything that allows us to validate our belief that technology is a great equalizer for creativity and learning are pursuits we want to always explore further.
The brand, our identity, consists of two parts, the word itself and the graphic treatment therein, and the iconography. Both can and have taken a couple of forms. For one treatment, for the already strong, unified custom typography for the name adapptiv (in lower case which tends to be less arrogant to many) we also include a wave inside the type. This is an image of power, mass and movement. For the iconography which we have used together with the type and in some cases separately, we included the silhouette of a jungle cat, a leopard specifically. We love animals and they are fascinating to watch and study, and the big cats have certain qualities that parallel what we wished to convey in our brand. Those are speed, efficiency, adaptability, ability to change tactics on the fly to best suit the need at the time, and more. Trying to convey too much in any corporate identity is unwise, but we felt that the mental pictures our identities and their treatments offer for most people, was complementary to who we are and what we do as a whole.



Identity-wise, the last component of our visual brand is the inclusion of a symbol, that for most will either go unnoticed or may not mean much, but it’s a way to tie another component together. We actually have other businesses under the Adapptiv umbrella which have their own identities, mission parameters, and focus. What they all share however, is the inclusion of this symbol in each of their logos in some way. Though it’s either subtle or overt in each identity, there is a familiarity that comes along for the ride, even if only at a subconscious level, that all these different concerns share something in common. Those things are of course ownership, but also the commitment each has to be the best in their markets, and to be aligned with businesses that complement the core values and strengths of each. It’s a simple thing, and one we did as much for us as anyone else, but it’s notable for the way we like to think, which is there should always be ties back to things when and where appropriate, even if it’s not readily apparent.

We Live in “Magical” Times

In this “consumer” driven world where person or human has almost been subsumed by the concept of a thoughtless resource draining drone, we think that Adapptiv has a role and responsibility to advance a dream that’s been a part of our Founder’s DNA before he reached double digits. Technology, when handled with respect and care, is an amazing tool with potential to advance the human race in ways we’ve only just begun to imagine. The possibilities, from the noble ideas of raising humanity’s overall IQ, to the now sci-fi but sooner than later reality of Star Trek’s Holodeck, are exciting things for us to work towards as we go about our everyday jobs.
To sum it up, we’d like to use a quote from one of our favorite authors, Arthur C. Clarke. He said; “Technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from Magic.”
We couldn’t agree more. Contact us today and let Adapptiv work some magic for your products, services, business or brand. You’ll be intrigued, impressed, and at the very least glad you were open to the possibility of change. We’d love to be your Change Agency.